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My time here in Ecuador has impacted me in a way I could have never imagined. I never thought the hardest part from this trip would be leaving. This study abroad opportunity pushes you to grow in a way other trips don’t, living with a new family and speaking a new language is the most beautiful challenge I’ve faced. You are able to learn SO much about yourself, others, culture, the world, and much more, in such a short time, I couldn’t be more thankful for this time and the people I’ve met.

Chloe Jacobson. Fall 2021

The semester in Ecuador was a great way to step outside the culture we knew and experience a new culture first hand. Being able to travel with a group of people I had never met was a lot of fun because we had to work together to overcome challenges, however simple, in this new country and in a foreign language and it brought us all closer together. A semester abroad experience is also a wonderful time to grow closer to God; you are stepping into a bunch of unknowns and a very unfamiliar place so it is good to trust in Him and let this new experience challenge and grow your faith. Traveling to Ecuador for a semester is something I can’t recommend highly enough, it is a very beautiful country and the time you have there will be unforgettable.

Josiah Gritter. Spring 2021

Ecuador was the highlight of my years at Taylor! It truly changed my life, teaching me about God, family, purpose, etc. across cultures. I loved my host family, mamá Andrea and papá Edison, and the professors, program directors, assistants, and everyone who worked with the program! I never expected to receive so many lasting relationships, lessons, and memories through my semester in Ecuador!

Andrea Rose. Fall 2019

Through the challenges of navigating life in a different culture, I became a more independent and confident person. I also built many incredible relationships with the people I met in Ecuador and was able to learn a lot about the culture and language. Through traveling and sightseeing, I also had the opportunity to see some incredible parts of the world I never thought I would get to see. My semester in Ecuador was challenging, but I had so much fun and I learned a lot from it. If I had the chance, I would definitely do it again!

Anikka Ward. Fall 2019

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